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4.Just Human ชั้น 1.jpg

Just Human

This extensive set of 40 oil paintings on wood in soft acid tones evoke the fragility of humankind. For this set exhibited as a solo exhibition at X Space, Bangkok, Tibayrenc painted some close friends, family but also images yielded from the internet and social media profiles.


There is not one concept represented by this body of work, but instead a rhizomatic response to human diversity. Greek sculptures, vintage stars, androgynous models or anonymous people form the cast for Tibayrenc's new theatre of human emotions.


The single format and material, as well as a very limited palette unifies the works which can be also seen as one. Painted simultaneously over a three months period the artist likes to see them as intimate thoughts taking diverse shapes. These allegories are reflections on our contemporary society, in which individualism isolates us.

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