Myrtille Tibayrenc (French - born in 1980), graduated with a masters degree in art from the Ecole des Beaux arts of Dunkerque and Marseille, France in 2005. She has been established in Thailand since 2006 where she created the Toot Yung Art Center in 2010, promoting Thai contemporary artists and inviting foreign artists for residency programs and exhibitions. She is the co-director of the Bukruk Urban arts festival, one of the leading street art festivals in Asia, promoting urban arts and music in Bangkok since 2013. She has been painting since her childhood and dedicates most of her free time to this activity.


Derived from the web, newspapers and social media, Myrtille’s art is equally painterly and provocative. The contemporary compositions of everyday news contrast with the classical painting technique, enhancing the timelessness of the images. The artist does not focus on the picture itself but on the latent violence it contains. The dimension of the canvases at times very small, resemble icons and barrow codes from religious European painting. But they also remind of the endless flow of images viewed each day on millions of smart phones, like an abundant and unhealthy food, reflecting our blindly consumerist era.