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Cadavres Exquis

Cadavres Exquis

Solo exhibition

Toot Yung Art Center, Chiang Mai

15 Feb - 18 May 2020

Thailand-based French curator and painter Myrtille Tibayrenc will mark the 10th anniversary of Toot Yung Art Center in Chiang Mai, which she founded, with her exhibition "Cadavres Exquis from Sunday until May 18.

The title, which translates as "exquisite corpse", is a French term referring to a kind of collective collage of words or images. Tibayrenc uses this technique to present a selection of 50 old and new works.

Inspired by Renaissance and classic art, she connects historic notions of sacredness with how people in the present day correspond to religious archetypes. By revisiting religious and erotic themes, she highlights the shifts in idealised beauty and moral values.

Tibayrenc unites the common and the extraordinary, the sacred and the profane, the personal and the collective. Her erotic works show the historical gravity surrounding the female nude, and the ubiquity of pornographic images in the Internet era. However, by imparting her own mood and style, she has softened the emotional violence of the original images.

Tibayrenc frequently paints on small canvases, a deliberate choice designed to reflect the small screens through, which we commonly consume modern media, but her images nevertheless retain its power.

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