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This composition of 32 oil paintings on canvas was presented at the Bangkok Art Biennale in 2022 at the Bangkok art and culture center. Iconostasis is a wall of religious paintings which separates the main body and the sanctuary of the church. It is symbolic of different realms which can be porous, the earthly world and the spiritual world. The paintings serve as screens but also as an invitation to explore the transcendent side of things.


This painting installation is for Tibayrenc an epitome of our deep interconnection with nature, a portal to our spiritual inner being. The hand woven and naturally dyed cotton canvases made by Studio Naenna from Chiang Mai served as base for this work.


Tibayrenc is interested in the symbolic aspect of our past myths and legends. Their deeper meaning allows access to a dimension above words and earthly comprehension. Something to be experienced rather than understood. 

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